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Arachnion sp.

The fruitbody may be roughly spherical, egg-shaped or somewhat irregular in shape and ranges from 5 to 20 millimetres in its longest dimension. The outside is whitish. Initially the inside is solid and white but at maturity the fruitbody consists of a whitish skin that encloses numerous tiny granules (technically peridioles), which may be yellow-brown to greyish. Each peridiole contains numerous spores and the fairly fragile skin breaks away to allow peridiole (and consequently spore) dispersal.


The fruitbodies appear on soil.



At first glance it is natural to think of an intact fruitbody as an immature puffball of some sort or as the universal veil around an immature mushroom. However, if you break open a mature fruitbody the internal granularity immediately identifies an Arachnion.

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  • Arachnion sp. Scientific name
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