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29 Sep 2023

Hey everyone,In the past couple weeks we've implemented several updates:- Regional boundaries for the Northern Territory have updated, separating the Top End and Big Rivers and Central Australia and B...

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Tapirlord wrote:
20 Sep 2023
Possibly H.linearis which is quite common out that way.

Hibbertia sp.
Tapirlord wrote:
19 Sep 2023
An exotic lily, though not majorly invasive it can become a problem if the clumps get to dense. It is very pretty to look at though!

Aristea ecklonii
Tapirlord wrote:
18 Sep 2023
A local native despite what the listing says.

Acacia longifolia subsp. longifolia
Tapirlord wrote:
18 Sep 2023
It is a Tea tree in the genus Leptospermum. There are 3-4 species in this area, of which L.polygalifolium is the most likely I think, but the images may be a tad to blurry to confirm.

Leptospermum polygalifolium
JimL wrote:
11 Sep 2023
And a story to boot @Tapirlord! The “road” where these are was very narrow and winding, so I went back for the photo and jagged a shard of a shale-type rock in tyre of a brand new 4WD!
Thankful for the tyre pressure monitoring system that gave me the confidence to get to the top of the hill for a flat spot (aka muddy drainage ditch) to change the wheel…
Memories made and photo captured (not knowing about Nature Mappers future at the time)…

Xanthorrhoea glauca
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